Police Related Charities

The following are Police Related charities which you may find of interest either to give or receive assisatance.

The Gurney Fund

The Gurney Fund may help children not only of Police Officers who have died on duty, but of those who have taken early retirement on ill-health grounds. I have been successful in arranging an award for a previous member, which I know was gracefully received. The grants may be made for various items which families could not otherwise afford, such as educational trips, musical instruments, books and school uniforms. Income is derived from your contributions to Suffolk Constabulary Benevolent Fund and any other contributions from you or the public.

Flint House

Unfortunately 9 out of 10 officers are likely to receive an injury during their service, and year on year the Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House, admits increasing numbers of officers year on year for intensive treatment and care. More than 3000 officers, a new record, were admitted in 2007.

The Centre is located at Flint House in Goring-on Thames where it has developed both its facilities and treatment to assist officers in returning to duty.

Treatments include: Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapay, Stress Counselling, General nursing Care, Acupuncture, Health Classes, Sleep relaxation, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic massage.

Police Dependants' Trust

The Police Dependants' Trust exists to assist in cases of need: dependants of police officers or former police officers who die or have died as a result of an injury received in the execution of duty; and police officers or former police officers who are, or have been incapacitated as a result of an injury received in the execution of duty.

Blu Lamp Foundation

We use the money we raise to relieve the financial hardship that some personnel of the Emergency Services may face after being criminally injured whilst on duty.

Our first aim, which is well underway, is to raise one million pounds by 2013; three years on from our launch.

Care Of Police Survivors (COPS)

COPS is run by survivors for survivors. Membership is open to spouses, partners, children, parents and siblings of officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

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